Why Go Solar?

With everyone talking about solar power these days, you may be wondering what all of the fuss is about. Why is solar energy becoming such a popular choice for both residential homes and businesses? The answer to that question is easy, solar systems are a great way to lower or eliminate your energy bills, provide attractive tax incentives and rebates, reduce your impact on the earth and can even help stimulate the economy by generating new job growth.

Additional Financial Incentives

The federal government and local utility companies are providing attractive rebates and incentives for individuals that choose to install solar heating devices or solar panels in their homes. In some cases, businesses may qualify for these rebates and incentives as well. These incentives can offset the cost of installation and make it even more affordable to have a Solar Xpress energy system installed in your home or business. At Solar Xpress we will notify you of any rebates or incentives that you are eligible for and will even fill out all of the required paperwork for you!

Minimal Impact on the Environment

When you choose a Solar Xpress energy system, water heater or pool heating system you can feel good knowing that you are doing you part to reduce the impact that your carbon footprint has on the earth. When you convert your home or business to solar power you will eliminate the methane, carbon and other pollutants that are burned by fossil fuels. It is up to everyone to do their part to keep our planet clean and safe from pollutants. With Solar power becoming more affordable and durable, why not make the Eco-friendly choice today and choose a Solar Xpress energy system, water heater or pool heater today?

Buy or Lease? – Which is better?

Once you have made the choice to invest in a quality Solar Xpress energy system, we can help you determine which purchase option is best for you. At Solar Xpress you can buy the equipment outright or lease the system for a long period of time. While no one choice is best, there are some benefits to both options that you should keep in mind.


At Solar Xpress our team of professional customer service representatives make leasing a solar power system easier than ever!  By choosing to lease your solar power system, you don’t have to worry about paying it off all at once, you simply pay by the month.  Leasing may be a better option for some that cannot afford to make an upfront payment but still want to experience the amazing savings that come with switching to solar.


Buying a solar power system is a great option because it will provide you with additional savings with the rebates and a 30% federal tax credit. You also don’t have to worry about paying monthly solar payments that come with the leasing option. Buying a solar panel system today also increases the value of your home on the market if you decide to sell in the future. Alongside these savings, you ensure that you will never have to pay for another electricity bill again! Let us save you money and switch to a cleaner and more affordable energy alternative, call us at Solar Xpress – 818-209-8280 we would love to hear from you!