Backup Generator

Protect Your Home, Power Up!

Brownouts and power outages are becoming more frequent as the demand for oil grows. These days almost everything is dependent on electricity – from the industries running 24/7 factories, to your entertainment setup for your weekend movie marathons.

Your back-up? A power source installed in your home or your office that can protect your home, gadgets and appliances, while saving you from the hassle of groping in the dark. You can specify the areas, or choose to power up your entire house in case of an emergency or black out.

Just why exactly do you need a back-up generator?

Frequent power outages can damage your appliances and gadgets, while increasing your monthly electrical bill. The sudden surge of electricity after a brownout can damage motors or cause a short circuit in your home or business.

A generator serves as your back-up power source in the case of a quick brownout or a power outage that can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Your generator automatically transfers power to your electrical panel as soon as a power interruption is detected.

In just mere seconds, you’ve got your power back! The generator regulates and then gradually switches you back to the power grid. That way there’s no quick surge of electricity that can short-circuit your gadget’s motors.

Generac Generator: Quick, Easy and Low Maintenance Power Source

Our Generac Generator is the perfect power back-up, especially if you have a business at home or are running medical equipment in your home. Most traditional generators are noisy and run manually, so you’d still have to take that extra trip to the garage or basement to turn it on/off – not Generac Generators.

Power up automatically

The Generac Generator boasts of automatic controls that allow it to power up automatically as soon as electricity goes out, and when the power resumes, the generator will turn back off. So, no scrambling to find your generator during an emergency, or worrying about your food spoiling in the fridge if you’re away from home.

Low Maintenance

What makes it more convenient is that the generator is connected to your natural gas supply, ensuring that there’s available power for it to run during a power outage. No more worrying about having to refuel.

Conveniently Easy to Use

Unlike traditional generators, Generac’s generators have a multi-lingual screen display that you can use to check and monitor the status of your generator, meters and other functions. It also runs every week to regulate and ensure that everything is in working condition.

Design that Lasts

Most of all, Generac generators have a sturdy, reliable design that’s meant to last. It can withstand most weather conditions and can be conveniently set up outdoors.

Invest in a Generac Generator Now!

Whether it’s for your home or business, a generator is the ideal investment that can last you years, protect your other investments, and most of all, bring you peace of mind.

Check out our line of Generac generators to find the best match for your needs.*

*Installation done by the supervision of a C-10 licensed professional.