Save Money

Save Money by Cutting Your Electricity Bill

When you choose Solar Xpress, you are sure to experience instant energy savings. Over the years, the rates of many electric companies have gone up an average of 3% – 5% each year. With our innovative and effective solar energy systems, you can reduce or perhaps even eliminate your electric bill altogether. When you make the financially sound decision to go solar, you are locking in low electric rates not only for now, but also far into the future. With Solar Xpress you will enjoy a reduced dependency on the power grid and instant energy savings!

ROI (Return on Investment)

Many homeowners and companies these days are learning about the great financial benefits of going solar. Not only are our quality Solar Xpress energy systems affordable, they also come with many rewards and rebates that will save you even more money. We at Solar Xpress use the latest innovations in solar panel technology with the highest and most efficient output of energy, making the return on your investment much faster than the other competitors. While many investments these days are risky, installing our solar panel systems in your home or business will provide you with a safe way to recieve 10%-25% return on investment each year. Some customers may even qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, making the switch to solar power even more affordable! All of our solar panels also come with a 25-year manufacturers warranty, ensuring that your investment is safe.

Pays for Itself

One of the great things about investing in a quality Solar Xpress energy system is the satisfaction in knowing that it will pay for itself over time. By choosing a quality Solar Xpress solar energy system you are increasing the value of your home. You can expect a $20 property value increase for every dollar of annual electricity savings that your new Solar Xpress energy system saves you. That means if your energy bills are decreased by $1500 per year, you can expect the value of your home to go up by $30,000!! Due to the decreased cost of solar panels, it is now easier than ever to pay off the costs of a solar panel system with the incredible energy savings you will receive each month. You already pay for electricity everyday! Why not make an investment in a quality solar power system that will pay you back with energy savings year after year?

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